About the MK ReEntry Seminar

"I am an MK [missionary kid] from Kenya, Africa. My parents are with Wycliffe Bible Translators and have been working in Kenya since 1984. This next year I will be going to college at BIOLA University in La Mirada, California. I will be studying to be a secondary English teacher. This seminar has far exceeded my expectations. All of the information I gleaned will make my transition much, much easier. I made many amazing friends with whom I as able to open up, listen and be listened to, grieve, and most importantly, laugh with until it hurt. This seminar has touched me deeply."  - H.P., Kenya

About NCF Seminars

"I will be interacting with others much more from a standpoint of God's grace. That will affect my entire ministry." – Missionary

"I dealt with 30 years of anger and made major inroads into understanding and dealing with my personal depression."  – Pastor

"I gained more freedom to be myself and to know that that is OK. Because of that I will be better able to listen to the new missionaries who come into our care."  – Seminar Participant

"These have been two of the most significant weeks of our lives."  – Missionary

About NCF E-mail Outreach

"I don't expect you to remember me but about three years ago I wrote to you when I was at my lowest point. I was not exactly an active believer in God, but I had to turn somewhere for help. I had been diagnosed with cancer and my family was nowhere to be found. I cried very hard while writing to you and honestly did not expect a reply. The lack of family support was something you helped me not only to understand, but also to overcome and forgive. Your reply was incredibly on target and eye opening. I have survived the cancer and although my family still isn't supportive, I have found peace with God and turn to Him in my times of need. I thank God everyday for His support, and think of your caring, wonderful words of advice everyday. You have made a huge difference in my recovery and I thank you." – R.C.

About NCF Web Site

"I would just like to thank you personally for your many helpful articles. I have found them very well written and have passed them on to several others, who have been equally pleased." – J.N., California

"I would like to express my thanks to you and your organization for the booklet you sent. I received it and I was happy because every time I tried to subscribe for any books from the Internet, they told me I must be an American or Canadian citizen. So thank you again. And if you have anything else which might be interesting for me, I would appreciate your help."  – R.G., Kyrgyzstan