Writers' Guidelines

Writer's Guidelines for Psychology for Living

Psychology for Living (PFL) is a practical, applied Christian psychology magazine that is published at least once per year by the Narramore Christian Foundation.

We publish articles that apply sound Biblical and psychological principles to the everyday issues of life and that cover a wide range of personal and relational needs.  Articles range from those that deal with in-depth psychological problems, such as "Schizophrenia," to those that address communication and family relationships.  Others deal with emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and anger, and personal stories of coping or overcoming spiritual and emotional hardships.

Articles need to be written with lay people in mind; technical terminology needs to be kept to a minimum. Also please avoid "Christianeze" and suggestions that have a "preachy" tone. Instead, give insight and understanding with practical applications that are well illustrated. Circulation is approximately 4,000 and recipients include many pastors and Christian counselors who place the magazine in their office waiting rooms.

Narramore Christian Foundation is a non-profit organization and, as such, Psychology for Living is not supported by (nor cluttered with) outside advertisements. It is published as a ministry for both Christian and non-Christian readers, and as a service organ to minister to and encourage supporters of NCF ministries.

We offer an honorarium of $200 for articles between 1,200 to 1,700 words and $125 for articles less than 1,200 words. For previously published articles, we pay $75 per article, except when the previous publisher has a standard fee and requires that we pay them directly.

A query letter is not necessary. If you have an article that fits PFL's readership requirements, we will be pleased to consider it. Manuscripts should be double-spaced on 8" x 11" pages, and sent as a Word document attachment via e-mail. When quoting Scripture, please indicate the Bible version you have used. Also, be sure to retain a personal copy, as manuscripts are not returned. Also include a brief biographical sketch.

Articles for PFL are prepared well in advance, so should your article be chosen for publication, it may be several months before it is published. When it is, we will send you three copies of that issue with your honorarium.

When submitting an article, please indicate which of the following statements apply:

  • New article that has not been published before
  • Article has been published previously, but is rewritten
  • Article has been published previously in book, magazine, journal, other (indicate all that apply)

E-mail: chibma@ncfliving.org 

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PO Box 661900, Arcadia, CA 91066-1900
Cynthia Hibma, Editor