MK ReEntry Virtual Seminar

July 25-31, 2020

MK ReEntry Seminar prepares MKs for their transition to North America.

Each MK will receive a ReEntry Gift Box by mail to open throughout the week. Each day will include 1) a 30-45 minute pre-recorded video by our awesome staff on topics related to transition. MKs can watch these on their own time before their Small Groups meet. 2) Our 1.5 hour Small Groups, led by college-age MK staff, will spend time getting to know each other by sharing their stories and discussing the daily transition topic. They will also compete as teams throughout the week for prizes. 3) Live Events each evening will include a Recap on the topic of the day, a Spotlight on one of our MK staff, and a funny video clip of American life (e.g. how to do laundry, how to pump gas). 4) "Instant Wins" will happen randomly each day for more engagement and fun! And lastly, we hope to arrange Meet-ups with MKs in similar locations several times during the week for in-person connections. 

Like every previous year in our 42-year history, we seek to be a bridge for MKs who have left their "growing up homes" and are anticipating life in the U.S.  

As you process the impact of your TCK/MK life on your relationship with God and with others, you will come away encouraged and empowered as the unique and valuable person that you are.

What MKs Have Said (on-campus program)

"I can honestly say that the MK reentry seminar was my saving grace during one of the hardest and darkest years I've experienced.  I experienced God's grace through other MKs."   – MK from Uruguay

"Thank you SO MUCH for being so generous.  I feel so grateful that God prepares people like you so that missionary kids who are confused and hurting like me are given the opportunity to experience a time of refreshment and clarification.  I know now that I'm prepared to head to college and whatever else God has in store for me."  – MK from China

"I cannot begin to express how deeply these two weeks have impacted me.  I came to this program with a broken heart and deep wounds that have shaped my life.  But through the sessions, staff, counseling, your prayers, and Jesus' grace, I am now on a path of healing.  You have changed my life!" – MK from Senegal

MKs leave the MK ReEntry Seminar ready to transition to their new life in the U.S.

“It is the most awesome experience you’ll ever have!  You learn how to relate to others, understand yourself, and look forward to the future.” – MK from Ecuador

“This is something you will never regret.  You will come away with a sense of encouragement and hope regarding living in the U.S.” – MK from Mongolia

"The MK seminar has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I have learned so much, made great friendships, and grown closer to God through this seminar." – MK from China

MK ReConnect - for "Grads" of ReEntry

We would love to see you again!  Would you like to hang out and talk about your transition experience with other TCKs?  Watch this video and consider joining us at the next MK ReConnect!

Other MK ReEntry Programs

If the dates or format of NCF’s MK ReEntry Online program do not work for you, check out these re-entry program opportunities:

Interaction International's Cross-Cultural Transition Program for generally older TCKS, ages 17-21 or younger, who may not be returning overseas will be held August 2-8, in Chatsworth, GA.  To find more information and to register, go to

Interaction International's Cross-Cultural Transition Program for generally younger TCKS, ages12-16 who will return overseas will be held July 29 - August 1, in Chatsworth, Georgia. To find more information and to register, go to

Interaction International's on-site Colorado program is cancelled for 2020.

Canada ReBoot on-site programs June-August are cancelled for 2020. For more information about PRe-Boot and to apply before July 15, go to